Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Morning News: May 7, 2020

Morning Routine: (oral)

Today is May 7. Let's count backwards from 30 to 7!

Repeat after me: Today is Thursday, May 7, 2020. 

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

What month is it? What do we celebrate in May?

What kind of weather is it outside today?

Today is the 150th day of school! Count by tens to 100 and then count by tens to 50! You get 150!

*If we were using our straws to count, we would have 100 straws rubber band together in the hundreds column and 5 groups of 10 (50 straws) in the tens column. We reached another group of 10! There are no straws in the ones column today.
It is the month of MAY!
HERE are the months of the year songs where you will find May.

THURSDAY SPECIALS: Today you will have a Google Meet with your gym teachers, Ms. J and Mr. K. THURSDAY, MAY 7 @10AM

MUSIC with Mr. Natoli
PHONICS/ PHONEMIC AWARENESS: Letter/ Sound Video with ME - updated 5/5 Letter/ Sound Powerpoint - updated 5/5 This week our new sound is /v/. When you make the /v/ sound, put your hand under your chin to feel the vibration. Letter V Song
Join Ms. Corbett as we blend sounds to make words using the /v/ sound. Letter V blend board
Dictation week of 5/4 NEW! Dictation 9 Dictation 10
Compound Words fun activity with Ms. Corbett

This week you will learn a new RED WORD! Your new red word is: saw
Please add the word saw to your red word poster at home. Click HERE to practice your new red word with me! You will need a paper, pencil, and red crayon.
Optional: Color By Sight Word NEW! 5/7
Explore the website- Epic!
For now, use this website as an extended library for your reading pleasure.
Class code: evt2037

Our class has read 200 books in one week on EPIC! WOW! AMAZING!

YOU COMPLETED THE APRIL READING CHALLENGE! CONGRATULATIONS! Check out all of our AWESOME pictures! April Reading Challenge Picture Slideshow  

Please log onto Raz Kids 2-3 times a week to practice reading. Record your reading.

I still can't believe all of the adventures I have been on in just TWO days. I need a good night sleep to get ready for another exciting day. Check out some of the AWESOME adventures I have been on with your classmates! You don't want to miss them! Adventures with Ms. Corbett Pictures
Please take Ms. Corbett on exciting adventures! I want to see what you do at home and I would love to be a part of it! For writing workshop, please keep some type of journal (it can be papers stapled together or an actual journal/notebook) of the journeys we take together. Please write 1-2 sentences about something we do together each day. Below you will find a writing template with sentence starters if you wish to use it for your journal.
Adventure Ideas
Flat Teacher Journal Template
*Note: Students- sound out your words the best that you can. Conventional spelling is not expected in Kindergarten. Developmental spelling is appropriate at this time.

MATH: Subtraction Quick Facts! NEW! Practice over and over. Too fast? Let me know! Complete Subtraction Quick Facts Worksheet
Log into Happy Numbers for 10-15 min.

SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, HEALTH: I have exciting news to share with you! We have CATERPILLARS! Check out our caterpillar journal each day to see the changes.
Caterpillar to Butterfly Read Aloud with ME!

HANDWRITING: Please complete the next two pages in your orange HWT workbook. Watch these videos for correct handwriting demonstrations if you need.
PADLET: Take a break from Padlet today :) You can look back at some of our old ones below.
Letter V Circle Chart Cinco de Mayo
Letter V Padlet

10 Objects for Subtraction Letter W Padlet Butterfly Life Cycle Mrs. Boyce's Birthday TH Circle Chart Padlet
Earth Day Padlet
Two Things That Rhyme
Show Me Your Workspace
Virtual Hug Padlet
Show Me Your Subtraction
Gym Exercise Letter E Circle Chart Padlet
Tacky Tourist Day Padlet
Hidden Flower Padlet
TBD Spirit Day Shirt Sport's Team Padlet
Spirit Day Rainbow and Patterns Padlet
Pajama Day Padlet

Letter K Padlet
Show Me Your Smile Padlet