Natoli, Al

Hello ALL!                                     Welcome to the TBD Music Page !

Mr. Natoli                                                                 Email Address: [email protected]


Here's a brief description of your child's exciting TBD music program. Your child will have one music class per week . All grades will explore various aspects of music theory with different songs and activities appropriate for each age level.
I strive to develop a love of music in all my students.

Music class is chock full of fun, with many movement based activities. Students will sing seasonal songs as well as begin to learn about the elements of music. Children will be learning elements of music though various pieces covering many musical styles.
 I will play the guitar or the piano with them as we learn many songs that help young people grow.

Students will begin work on music theory (pitch and dynamics). Each class will have plenty of movement as well.

My E learners will get a similar musical experience to my in school frinds. I will see all of them on google meet! On Monday I'll see my pre-k and kindergarders, Each Tuesday Grade 4, Wednesday Grade 3, Thursday Grade 2 and Friday Grade 1.
I hope you all have a healthy and happy school year!

Musically yours ,

Mr. Natoli