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Music Rocks at TBD!                                                 For the week of March 23-27/2020

I hope everyone is well and is excited to do some music activities while we're not at school. Since I see you all once a week I will update TBD's activities on a weekly basis. Here are some activities for you for our second week at home. Just click on the links to take you to some mind-enriching activities and websites. 
                                     Stay well and practice
  s  o  c  i  a  l                                d  i  s  t  a  n  c   i   n   g   !     !    

K -2  students are encouraged to play some of the music games at PBS kids.
Here's the link
I also hope you enjoy doing some of last weeks activities again and they are listed below.
There are many fun Puppy Readers songs on You tube!!!

Grades 3-4 Students can try one of these websites (this is not mandatory, if you feel you're doing a lot of schoolwork you can skip the music time for now). These links were recommended by fellowmusic teachers. If you have any trouble logging in to them or with their content don't worry, these sites are completely optional that you may choose to explore!

I highly encourage my 3rd and 4th grade students to click on the you tube linksfrom last week's post as those songs are good for the soul! Lastly, Think about songs that you feel would be good for the whole group to sing when we can get together again! I know it's very different for all of us now but please Think Peace and share kind thoughts with your family and face time friends and relatives !!!

Suggested Lessons for March 16-March 23/2020
     Please watch the first 2 episodes of "The Music Show" by clicking on the links below. Clicking on the links below will take you to YouTube. 
Also, have some fun with "Listen and Move," which we sometimes call, "Snakey."                   Lastly please view any episode of "Little Einsteins" Or go to "Puppy Readers" and practice your singing and finding your popcorn and sightwords.    

Grades 1 and 2 
Please pick a few of your favorite songs from "Puppy Readers" and sing along. We've done a few in class, but there are many more here.   
Also please view "Backstage with Beckie" with The Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Listen to their version of Peter and the Wolf.

Grade 3
We've just begun preparing for our spring concert. Here are some of the songs we will be singing. Please listen to each song 2 or 3 times and try to sing along. Think about the meanings of the songs.
"If I had a Hammer"
"Nothing More"

"Peace is the World Smiling" 

"Free to Be"  (It's great if you can get this melody in your head, even though you do not have the lyrics--words--on the screen.)

Finally, here's the link for a game we've been playing in class. Please spend some time exploring instruments and their families.

Grade 4

We've just begun preparing for our spring concert. Here are some of the songs we will be singing. Please listen to each song 2 or 3 times and try to sing along and think about the meaning of the songs. 
"If I had a Hammer"
"Nothing More"

"Peace is the World Smiling"

I encourage you to go to the website below and take 20-30 minutes to explore. You can go to the "Learn and Listen" tab or the "Activities" tab or both!

Here's a brief description of your child's exciting TBD music program. Your child will have one music class per week . All grades will explore various aspects of music theory with different songs and activities appropriate for each age level.
I strive to develop a love of music in all my students.

Kindergarten music class is chock full of fun, with many movement based activities. Students will sing seasonal songs as well as begin to learn about the elements of music. Children will be learning elements of music though various pieces covering many musical styles. Most classes begin with sing-a-long time where the students come in, sit on the rug and I play guitar with them as we sing folk songs and songs that help young people grow.


Students will begin work on music theory (pitch and dynamics). Each class will have plenty of movement as well. By the end of the month 1st grade students will begin working on their Thanksgiving show where they will be preforming 6 pieces for you!!


All students will learn some fall and Halloween songs that they will act out and work on identifying form. We will continue polishing up our Thanksgiving songs.


Final work will be done for Thanksgiving show !

1st Grade will be sharing their Show with you the day before the Holiday. 

December Grades 3 and 4 will be polishing their concert selections.

All students will sing seasonal songs .

K and 1 students will learn new movement activitiies including the tempo game. They will also continue to sing folk songs.     1st grade students will add There's a Mornin' Train a Comin' that will help students keep the beat and distinguish between long and short sounds.

Grade 2 will learn about AB form in a class favorite Old Dan Tucker. Students will also sing many folk songs.

Grades 2-4 will begin learning about tone color and studying families of instruments. 4th grade students can share their instrument with a class when we study that family. 3rd and 4th grade students will also learn songs celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.

K-1 students will continue with fun music games and activities. They will begin music theory work as well.
2nd grade will bing learning new songs and movement activities.

3rd and 4th grade students will present 2 evening concerts, one in December and another show in May ! Both shows will start at 7p.m.

Musically yours ,

Mr. Natoli