Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading Comprehension Strategies:
Making Meaning of the Text

Please guide your child in using these comprehension strategies when reading at home.

Before Reading:

Predict: What is the book going to be about? What might happen?

Make Connections: What do you already know about the topic?

During Reading:

Predict what will happen next.

Use context clues to build your vocabulary and define new words.

Make connections to the text about yourself, another text, or the world.

Visualize what is happening in the text.

Make inferences about characters and events using clues from the text and prior knowledge.

Identify story elements when reading a story and expository features when reading expository text.

Wonder and ask self-monitoring questions: What is happening in your book right now? Does the reading make sense?

Reread sections of the text for a better understanding.

After Reading:

Review: Were your predictions correct?

Determine the most important ideas in the text and support your thinking with evidence from the text.

Summarize the most important ideas in the text .

Evaluate: Did you learn something new or interesting?