* Minimum 20 minutes Monday through Thursday and record in your reading log.

Words Their Way  
Monday: Students are to cut and sort the words according to the patterns. Students then read their words and explain to an adult how the words are categorized. Place the words in the baggy and keep them at home.

Tuesday: Students will sort and write their words in ABC order within each pattern. For example, if your words are glass, rake, face, snap, hand, and gate, sort them in ABC order according to the pattern like this:

                  CVC pattern (short a)                      CVCe pattern (long a)

                         glass                                                  face     

                         hand                                                  gate

                         snap                                                   rake   

Wednesday: The student will choose 5 or more words from their sort and write 5 descriptive sentences in their word study notebook. Each sentence should contain at least 7 words. Students may use RED words.

Thursday: The student will take a practice test, including RED words, with an adult. The test should be taken in the Words Their Way notebook. The student will rewrite any misspelled words 3X each in the notebook. This will help your child study for Friday’s test.

Friday: Friday’s test will consist of a total of 15 words. These words will include words from the weekly sort, the 4 RED words reviewed, and other words that follow the week’s pattern.