• Minimum 25 minutes each night.
  • Record your reading on the Reading Log Sheet 
  • Reading Responses will also be added at a later date.  Making thoughtful connections (text to self, text to text, text to world) is an aspect of a good response.
  • ReadWorks and Scholastic may also be assigned.
  • This program will run on a bi-weekly schedule, Monday-Friday.  Words will be introduced to the class in context through a reading passage. Students will complete pages in their workbook in class. Any pages that are not completed in class may become homework. There will be a quiz at the end of each unit.  Adequate study time/review as a class will take place. Vocabulary instruction leads to gains in comprehension as well as improves student writing.
  • Grammar page may be given to reinforce days lesson
  • Spelling words-Study each week
  • FACT PRACTICE!!!!!! Students should be studying their multiplication & division facts NIGHTLY.  
  • 1-2 Workbook pages and/or online assignments to reinforce the days lesson.
  • If I assign any homework on ThinkCentral, each student's account is:

       username: student#@nvnet.org
       password: student #