Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Good morning KT!  Happy Wednesday.  

Hope this finds you doing well.  Today's weather is supposed to be rainy. Do you like the rain? 

Thank you for all the wonderful smiles yesterday.  You really made my day.  

Today I would like you to show me... What are you reading?
Click below to put your picture on the wall.  Have fun seeing all your K-T friends.  Don't forget to leave a message for us too. 
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Padlet - Show me what you are reading

This week's Kindergarten Challenge is:
Do you know your address? (house #, street, town, & state)

You have Library today.  Click below to see what Mrs. Straubinger has planned for you today.

Library with Mrs. Straubinger

Morning Routines - (oral)
What day is today? month? year? season?
What kind of weather is it today?  Does it feel cooler or warmer than yesterday? 
Would you say it is a "lion" or a "lamb" day?

*Today is day 124... pick someone to count back and forth with.  You do not need to start with 1.  Start with a bigger number so that it doesn't take so long.  How about starting with #53?  Ready... GO!

Today is a blue link day.  How many more days until we get to 10 (a red link)?  Think about it - what is #4's best friend? (6)  

KT News - 
Today's KT News

No need to print it out ... just read it and see if you can find these words... 

I - 2
see - 1
my -  1
will - 2
at - 1
is - 1

Reading Workshop-
Set a timer for 8 minutes.  Read the books in your book pouch.  Remember to use your reading strategies to help sound out unknown words.  Use your pictures and words (sounds) to help too.  If you tried and are still stuck on a word please ask for help. 

 Remember what good readers do... 
*Good readers read the same stories over and over.
*Look at the pictures.
*Point to the words.
*Look at the letters/sounds in words to figure out words they don't know.
*Break unknown bigger words into smaller chunks

Go on Raz Kids and read for at least 10-15 minutes. 

1. You listen to the story.
2. You read the story. *optional - record your story for me
3. You take the quiz. 

If you haven't, please record one for me today.  Hit the record button, read and then hit the record button again to end.  My goal is that your child sends me 1-2 recordings a week.  It is imperative that I hear your child reading orally because it is virtually impossible for me to guide them in their reading otherwise.  This will help me identify strengths and weaknesses in reading.  If you don't get a message back from me chances are I didn't receive your recording and we together can trouble shoot why that is.  I will check everyday and send messages the same day or next morning.  

Thank you to all who have read me a story so far.   I love listening to you read to me.  Look for a message and bonus stars from me. The more you read... the better reader you will become.  

Math -
*Log into Happy Numbers for 10-15 minutes.  

*Pick one activity from the Math Choice Board or the Math Packet.

Literacy -

Phonemic Awareness/Rhyming -
Listen to the three words... (Parent says them in a row pause between each, mop, cap)  Can you name the 2 that rhyme?  This is an auditory drill (not to be read by student).

 map mop cap
 clock sock sun
 pet pig wig
 jog jet  set

Phonics - 
What sound does /Ss/ say? Name 3 things that begin with Ss.
What sound does /Rr/ say?  Name 3 things that begin with Rr.
What sound does /Oo/ say? Name 3 things that begin with Oo.
If you printed the alphabet cards or the chart ... you can practice all sounds like we do everyday.

Your new letter/sound this week is Ee /e/ - for "Ed" the elephant - e is tricky because it sounds similar to an i but actually says /eh/ as if you don't like something and are shaking your head back and forth and scrunch up your nose /eh/   Because E is a vowel it also can say it's own name /eee/  

Draw 3-5 pictures that begin with letter Ee

Can you read these words?

 pen Meg let ten set

Sight Words - 
Practice your word lists on the ring.
Practice the sight word slide show. 

When your child misses 2 in a row... STOP.  Do not proceed.  Take those two words and write them on a post it, index card or paper and hang them up. Practice these two words everyday for a week.  Once your child seems secure in them, then go back to slide show or word ring.  This will help more than going over the list over and over and getting stuck on same words.  We are looking at automaticity - think quality over quantity.  

Red Words

Do you know all the RED words on your chart? 
If not practice the ones that are still tricky.
If you do, your new word is:


Can you tell someone a sentence with the word "she" in it? (orally) Can you count how many words are in your sentence? (use your fingers like we do in school)

i.e. - She is at the beach. (5)

Read Aloud -

The Rainy Day

Writing Workshop/Science (Weather)-

Take out a "story" paper from your folder (it has a big box and some lines at the bottom). Today you will write a personal narrative (story) about a "real" story - not a made up one.

Today is a rainy day.  I want you to think about another time when it rained.  What did you do?  Did you go outside in the rain?  Did you stay in?  How did you feel on that day?  Write about it for me - 2 or 3 sentences -and draw a picture to match.

Happy Learning today!  Miss you everyday!