Thursday, May 14, 2020

Good morning KT!  

For today's Padlet...
Tell me your plant prediction... see below to view the Plant Preview
then click here to make your prediction

My Plant Prediction
Today's special is... Art
Art with Mrs. Clark

Morning Routines -
*What day is today? month? year? season?
May song
*What is the weather like today? Look out the window.  Is it rainy? 
cloudy? sunny?  Is it warmer or colder than yesterday? 

*Today is day 155 - Can you count to 155?
You can count by 10s and 1s.
Count with me to 155

KT News
Today's KT News
Find these words and then one of your own. 
come - 1 what - 1
did - 1 my - 2
with - 1  

Math -

*Log into Happy Numbers for 10-15 minutes .

 (optional today - 45 min a week)

*Subtraction Practice
subtraction fluency
*Numbers 0-30 practice
Can you name each number? Click "present" at the top to begin.
Numbers 0-30

2D shapes (flat shapes)
Learn about 2D shapes
2D Shapes

2D Shape Riddles

Reading Workshop- 

*Log into Raz Kids and/or EPIC read for 15-20 minutes. 
*Check out these reading strategies to help you when you are reading.
My Reading Strategies

Literacy -
Phonemic Awareness/ Phoneme Substitution
(All oral/auditory - no reading for child)
Parent says "say man" (child - "man") Parent says "change the /m/ - use the sound for m- to a /c/ sound of c /k/ What word did you make? (can) ------ say jam, change /j/ to /h/ What's the new word? - (ham) say cat, change the /c/ to a /m/ What's the new word? - (mat) say men, change the /m/ to a /p/ What's the new word? - (pen) say leg, change the /l/ to a /b/ What's the new word? - (beg)
Phonics -
Our new sound is:

Vv card

Tap Clap Slap Vv

Blending - Blend and Read with Me 
Lalilo -
Our school code is: UAVBJV *Check in as student *Find our class *Find your name
Sight Words - 
Keep practicing the words on your word ring. If you have new word lists (in your pick up packet at school) only add one list at a time.  When you  know them all give yourself a sticker and add a new list to the ring. You should be able to read about 40-50 words by the end of K (lists A and B).  

Keep practicing the words on the slideshow.   
You can listen and follow along at your own pace.

Sight Word Practice

Red Words -
Your new red word for this week is :  come Please find your red bumpy screen and the sight word paper with the word come on it (both sent home). Find a red CRAYON. We are going to write just like we do in school. 1.Put the bumpy screen under the paper and write the word come c-o-m-e, come  say it out loud as you write it. When you say "come" underline the word come. 2.Do it again two more times. 3.Take away the bumpy screen 4.Feel the letters with your finger and say each letter as you do it 5.Take your red crayon and write the word come two times at the bottom of the page (no bumpy screen -once on each line) 6. Flip the paper over. 7.Get a pencil. See if you can write the word come from memory two times (Once on each line) using pencil. 8. Go to the bottom of the page and write this sentence. (Read this sentence to your child - tell him/her to pound it out and write. Come and get this cup.

Read Aloud -

If You Plant A Seed

Click below to listen to Mrs. Boyce read: 

Read with Mrs. Boyce

Writing Workshop-

Adventures with Mrs. Turci

Continue to write about our adventures together. I will add all yesterday's 
pictures today.

Please have your child use phonetic (developmental) spelling.  He/she
is not expected to write perfectly.  Help your child sound out the words.

Remember good writers write about...
*Who the characters (people) in their story (you and me)
*Where the story takes place (Where did we go?)
*What the characters are doing (What did we do together?)
*How they are feeling? (How did we feel?)

My Adventures with Mrs. Turci Writing Paper

Science, Social Studies, Health - 

KT Caterpillar Journal

The butterflies have been released.  You can watch the video and pictures to see them leave and fly free.

Plant Preview

Have an AWESOME day KT!  Miss you so very much. xo