Friday, May 15, 2020

Good morning KT!  
Happy Flex Fun Friday !

It will be a flexible day.  
No new work will be assigned.  

Use this day to...

*Come see me in our Google Meets
(check your email)
Please have a pencil, crayons and any white paper ready.

*Review or catch up on this week's Padlets...
Go back and see all your friends' photos or if you missed any please complete them today.

My Plant Prediction

What Begins with Vv?

Show me your mom

*Catch up on any work from this week that you missed

*Go to today's specials...

Gym with Mr. K

Spanish with Ms. Henry

*Take a look at our Adventures with Mrs. Turci Slideshow.
Remember to view by clicking the PRESENT button on the upper right hand side.

Adventures with Mrs. Turci

*Practice your literacy or math skills with any of the extra worksheets.

*Go to Specials that you've missed this week





*Visit the Guidance page for this week's mental mindfulness activities.


*Enjoy the warm day today.
Have a wonderful weekend too.