Swerdloff, Jessica


Ms. J. Swerdloff

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Learning Enrichment for Advanced Pupils

Gifted and Talented Education Enrichment 


LEAP Program 

The LEAP program is designed to provide children with opportunities that extend and deepen the variety and complexity of students’ learning experiences.  Students who are identified as possessing exceptional academic talents will be provided the guidance, time, support and resources to realize their academic potential. Our program will incorporate authentic projects that are inspired by student inquiry and require critical thinking. Please note, LEAP is an optional program for students who qualify, so if your child has been invited to join us but does not want to participate, please contact me directly.



Students will participate in the following Northern Valley Grade Specific Programs:

5th & 6th Grades  - Northern Valley Invengineering Expo

Students will design and build balsa wood towers or bridges for a competition held in early December. The Invengineering Expo is a fun but challenging activity where students work as a group to compete against other gifted and talented students across Northern Valley. In addition to their build, they will provide a written and/or photographic log, poster, and creative presentation. The ultimate goal of this competition is to embrace the creative process during preparation and see how students from other teams alternatively approached the same problem.


7th & 8th Grades - VIA Conference

Northern Valley students participate sometime during October in a spontaneous problem-solving competition. There is no preparation required. Students will be in mixed groups with other Northern Valley gifted and talented students and work on a problem throughout the morning.