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Do you want an easy way to...
-learn about what is going on in the library?
-get some book recommendations from Lily the Library Dog?
-remember to return library books on time?
Then sign up for REMIND! 
You will have a text message sent to you
to get a quick, simple reminder or a tidbit of information.
Just find your child's class below and text the library class name to 81010.
Example: If your child is in Mrs. Gambuti's 3rd grade class (3G) you would text @3glibrary to 81010. 

KC text @kclibrary

KH text @khlibrary

KS text @kstlibrary

KT text @ktlibrary

1A text @1alibrary

1D text @1dlibrary

1M text @1mlibrary

2C text @2clibrary

2K text @2klibrary

2Wa text @2walibrary

2Wr text @2wrlibrary


3B text @3blibrary

3G text @3glibrary

3H text @3hlibrary

3M text @3mlibrary

3W text @3wlibrary

4A text @4alibrary

4D text @4dlibrary

4O text @4olibrary

4V text @4vlibrary