March 27 ,2020

e-Learning Activities for

March 27, 2020

Good morning kindergarten friends. Today is “Fun Friday”. I have some fun things planned for you today. I can't wait to catch up with you on Google Meet this morning.  

Today we have Gym. I wonder what Miss Janowski has planned for you...visit her web page to find out. 

-Please date all work

-place completed work in the folder provided

-take time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air

Phonics: March 27,2020

- Please use the link below to sound and blend some words with me.  

Blending Link

-Please use the link below for word dictation with me.

Before you begin, make sure you have paper, a pencil, and your tapping hand.

Dictation Link

-Please use the link below to practice your RED words with me

RED Word Link

-listen to the 

Short e song

Visit    -The sight is linked below 


-I am a student -Class Code UAVBJV 

-spend 15 minutes

Phonemic Awareness: March 27,2020

Today, March 26, 2020 students will practice rhyming.

-Dictate three words

 -Ask your child which two rhyme

bin pat pin

rim dim jog

dog pop log

cat mop bat

ran tan big

-Move to the music 

 -listen for the rhyming word...then freeze

Rhyme and Freeze



Today, March 27, 2020 students will read for 10 minutes using the leveled texts in their book pouch or from a book of choice at home.


What do you do if you come to a word that you don’t know?

-look at the first letter and get your mouth ready

-put the sounds on your fingers

-look at the picture to help you

-look for little words inside bigger words

Today, March 27, 2020 Students will review sight words and phrases. Sight words are words that are read with automaticity.

Sight Word Practice with Mrs. Sterinsky

-Click on the link below


Today, March 27, 2020 

-count to 100 by 1s 

-count to 100 by 5s 

Today, March 27, 2020

Visit Happy Numbers work on the site for at least 15 minutes.

-password information was sent to you

Happy Numbers

FUN Friday

Today you will go on a Rainbow Scavenger hunt.

Create your own rainbow. 

Use chalk, makers, crayons paint or paper...the possibilities are endless! Be creative! 

Visit Padlet

 -Hit the + in the bottom right-hand corner

Show me your rainbow!

In case you missed these Padlets…