March 24,2020

e-Learning Activities for

March 24, 2020

Good morning kindergarten friends. Today will be a terrific Tuesday! Work hard. Sending you a virtual high-five!

Visit Padlet

 -Hit the + in the bottom right-hand corner 

Show us your Amazing Work.

Take a look at the Padlet from yesterday. I loved seeing your sweet smiles! Even Mrs. Boyce sent us her smile. 


Today you have library and gym. Mrs. Straubinger and Miss Janowski have some fun things planned. Visit their web pages to see what they have planned for you.  

-Please date all work

-place completed work in the folder provided

-take time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air


- Students will practice RED WORDS. Red words are words we can READ and SPELL. Red words are in your child's book pouch.

Today, March 24, 2020 students will practice reading and spelling their RED words.

     -Point to each RED word on your RED word poster and read each word

      -load each word and tap the spelling on your arm

The two words you are working on this week were emailed to your parents. 

-these will be your focus words for the week

Write each “focus” RED word three times. 

-use a red crayon

-use the bumpy screen

-underline and read the word


Today, March 24, 2020 students will visit our Learning Videos Tab. Listen to the -ch and -sh song.

This week we will focus on the letter e. E says “e” like in elephant

-listen to the 

Short e song

      -Answer these short e riddles

I am the opposite of dry and I rhyme with let.

I hang from a basketball rim and I rhyme with set.

You sleep in me and I rhyme with Ted. 

I am an animal Dr. and I rhyme with jet.

I am the number after 9 and I rhyme with Ben.

I am the color of a rose and I rhyme with Ned.


-Write the short e word that answers each riddle

-Draw a picture of each short e word

Phonemic Awareness:

Today, March 23, 2020 students will practice rhyming.

-Dictate three words

 -Ask your child which two rhyme

pit kit wag

win jet net

pen yak ten

hot rot log

did bag rid

-Move to the music 

 -listen for the rhyming word...then freeze

Rhyme and Freeze



Today, March 24, 2020 students will read for 10 minutes using the leveled texts in their book pouch or from a book of choice at home.


What do you do if you come to a word that you don’t know?

-look at the first letter and get your mouth ready

-put the sounds on your fingers

-look at the picture to help you

-look for little words inside bigger words

Today, March 24, 2020 students will log on to RAZ kids for at least 15 minutes.

Students are to read and listen to books and answer the comprehension questions that follow.

-Send me the voice recording of your reading.

(Voice recording is a tool explained on the site)

Today, March 23, 2020 Students will review sight words and phrases. Sight words are words that are read with automaticity.

        -Color it! Sight word and worksheet

Today, March 24, 2020 students will read his/her sight words and phrases.

Today, March 24, 2020 students will review sight words using the PowerPoint.

Below is a link to our "sight word PowerPoint".

Writing Workshop:

- In writing workshop, students have been writing personal narratives.

Writers make their writing easy to read by using finger spaces between each word. "A narrative story is something that happened to you and how you felt about it" 

-Personal Narrative use words like I, me, my, or we. 

-These words let the reader know you are telling the story.

-Personal Narratives have a setting (where the story takes place) 

-Personal Narratives have a beginning middle and an end

-Personal Narratives tell the reader how you are feeling at the end

Today, March 24, 2020 students will write a personal narrative that is at least three sentences.(include a feeling sentence) Draw a picture to match your narrative.

In your child's book pouch you will find copies of our writing template. Please use these templates at home to write.


Today, March 23, 2020 

-count to 100 by 1s 

-count to 100 by 5s 

Today, March 23,2020 complete count by 10 to 100 in math packet

Today, March 23, 2020

Visit Happy Numbers work on the site for at least 15 minutes.

-password information was sent to you

Happy Numbers

Science Social Studies Health:

Today, March 19, 2020, choose an activity from the science, social studies, and health choice board.

Looking for more to do? Join Mo Willems each afternoon at 1:00 for LUNCH DOODLES   I have been doing this with my family. You will love it. 

Mo Willems

Mo Willems invites YOU into his studio every day for his LUNCH DOODLE. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.