June 4,2020

e-Learning Activities for

June 4, 2020

Good morning friends. Today is Thursday. We will use today as our Flex-Day. Remember today you have Launch. Be sure to complete the work Mrs. Gambuti planned.

There is a Google-meet with Miss Janowski today at 10:20. Click on the link below to join. Please email Miss Janowski directly with any questions. 



Our kindergarten class is doing an amazing job of learning at home. Click the link below to see your friends in action.    

-Updated each day  K-Friends



The Adventures of “Flat Mrs. Sterinsky”   

-Updated each day

The Adventures of Flat Mrs. Sterinsky



It is time to CELEBRATE each and every one of us in our kindergarten classroom. We have worked on overdrive this year to care for each other and it’s time to make us all feel absolutely confident and joyful about ourselves. Every day we will “spotlight” a friend from our class on Padlet. Celebrate your friend...share kindness. Let them know what you like most about them, share a favorite memory, or tell them what makes them so special. 

Visit Padlet

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Today we will celebrate Jude!


Victor Spotlight 


Griffin Spotlight


Alexa Spotlight


Taylor Spotlight


Klesta Spotlight


Dominic Spotlight!



Today we have gym and Launch.  Mrs. Gambuti and Miss Janowksi have some fun activities planned for you. Click on their web page to see what they have planned. 



Health- Week of June 3, 2020

It’s ok to make mistakes, that’s the way we learn.

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Making Mistakes