April 21,2020

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April 21, 2020

Good morning! Happy Tuesday Kindergarteners! Make it a great day.


Our kindergarten class is doing an amazing job of learning at home. Click the link below to see your friends in action.    

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What are three things that can be recycled?


This week’s Padlets-



Today we have a library and gym. Mrs. Straubinger and Miss Janowski has some fun activities planned for you. Click on their web pages to see what they have planned.  

-Please date all work

-place completed work in the folder provided

-take time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air


Phonics: April 21, 2020 Link Below

Three-part drill

-You will need your screen, red crayon, and a piece of paper

If you choose to you can use a tray with sand or salt to practice your sounds (instead of using paper and a red crayon)

Click the link below

Three-part drill with Mrs. Sterinsky.webm

Red Word Practice

Click the link below

Red Words with Mrs. Sterinsky.webm

When the lesson is complete, please write each new Red Word three times

New Red Words- you saw

-Rainbow write each new Red Word three times.   you   saw

-underline left to right and read each word

New sound Introduction

Click the link below


Move to the music  

Click the link below

Hands Up for Letter Sounds | Phonics & Letter Sounds Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Click the link below

Animal Alphabet Move and Groove | A-Z | Jack Hartmann

Visit    -The sight is linked below 


-I am a student -Class Code UAVBJV 

-spend 15 minutes  


Phonemic Awareness:

Move to the music-

Party In The Jungle | Fun Phonemic Awareness Song | Jack Hartmann

Stretchy the Word Snake | Phonics Song for Kids | Segmenting and Blending Words | Jack Hartmann



Today, April 21, 2020 students will log on to RAZ kids for at least 15 minutes.

Students are to read and listen to books and answer the comprehension questions that follow.

-Send me two voice recordings this week 


Today, April 21, 2020 students will read for 10 minutes using the leveled texts in their book pouch or from a book of choice at home.


What do you do if you come to a word that you don’t know?

-look at the first letter and get your mouth ready

-put the sounds on your fingers

-look at the picture to help you

-look for little words inside bigger words

Take the April Reading Challenge


April Reading Challenge Link

           April Reading Challenge

So many of you are up for the April Reading challenge. I love seeing all of the pictures. Remember readers read everywhere!

April Reading Challenge

Tuesday, April 21, 2020  

Guided Reading with Mrs. Sterinsky.webm

 -link below read on-screen or print it out

A Yard Full of Birds

Students- Read A Yard Full of Birds with parent guidance 

-Reread text for accuracy and understanding

Parents- listen to students read and guide them through any errors by providing prompts:

-Look at the picture.   -Is that a word we already know?   -Can you say all the sounds in the word?

-Can you reread the sentence to make sure it makes sense?

Students-What is the setting of the story. Remember the setting is where the story takes place. Draw and label a picture showing the setting include the animals and what they are doing. 

Guided Reading Titles For Continued Review

Big and Little Pets

Looking in the Ocean

Today we will be practicing our sight words together.

Why do we learn sight words? 

-They help us read and write.

Sight words with Mrs. Sterinsky.webm

Today, April 21, 2020 

Click on the link below to practice “Spring Sight Word Phrases”

-point to each word as you read

-read with fluency

-read with accuracy

spring sight word phrases

Sight Word PowerPoint for additional independent practice

Below is a link to our "sight word PowerPoint".


Writing Workshop: New Unit

Unit Big Idea: Students will write how-to stories with multiple steps

Listen to Pizza at Sally’s 


Click on the link below

How-to with Mrs. Sterinsky: Apr 21, 2020 3:00 PM.webm

Students- Write a How-to

-use the word you

-use transition words

-make sure your words match your picture

How-to Writing Template

-if possible print out the template 

Click on link below

How-To Template

Math: New Unit

Unit Big Idea: Students will form subtraction stories and write them using symbols. Students will also master subtraction fluency within 5

Today, April 21, 2020

Math Warm-up

-count it up- start counting at a number other than 1 and count to 100

-order up

-order these number from biggest to smallest

19  15 12  20

26  20 29  22

24  17 10  30

Subtraction Lesson-

Subtraction with Mrs. Sterinsky.webm

Print out or Copy Math Problems

Subtraction Fluency Practice

Today, April 21, 2020

Visit Happy Numbers work on the site for at least 15 minutes.

-password information was sent to you

Happy Numbers


-Watch the movie on Brain-Pop

-Take the quiz

Recycling Recycling

User name- tbdk4

Password= tbdk4tbdk4

Our caterpillars are changing. Draw what you see. 

Check out the live video of our changing caterpillars/ 




Today, April 21, 2020, take a virtual field trip with your family

Daily Virtual Field Trips for Families 

(Just click on the blue words and then click on the link that appears below the words.)

April Maker Time

-During the month of April complete three activities from the board 

April Maker Challenge Link

April Maker Challenge

Optional Activity

30 Day Lego Challenge  

-Please click  HERE  for the 30 day LEGO challenge