April 17, 2020

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April 17, 2020

Good morning Kindergarten Friends! I can’t wait to catch up with you during or Google-Meet. Be prepared to talk about what makes you happy. We will also be making predictions as we observe our caterpillars.

Today is Flex-Friday. Please take today to complete any work you did not get a chance to complete this week and review anything that is still tricky for you. If you did not get the opportunity to visit Art, Music, Spanish, library, or Launch this week, please take the time now to complete those activities.  

Today, Friday, do things that make you happy. 

Try making others happy too.

Our kindergarten class is doing an amazing job of learning at home. Click the link below to see your friends in action.    

-Updated each day



Visit Padlet Friday

 -Hit the + in the bottom right-hand corner to post

-click on the three dots next to the camera icon

-click on film to make a video recording of you making the th sound

Your hard work at home makes me happy. Show me what you learned this week.

What two sounds does the digraph th make? Video your response



Today we have gym. Miss Janowski has some fun activities planned for you. Click on her web page to see what she has planned. 

Happiness Challenge

Sit quietly for 3 minutes. Think of a happy place. Write or draw about it. 

Play a song that makes you happy and shake your body. 

Make someone happy. Call a friend or family member to say hello. 

Tell someone in your house your happiest memory. 

Give yourself a big warm hug!


These little caterpillars make me happy. 


             Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


                 Do you notice any changes...they are getting bigger!

Today, April 17, 2020, take a virtual field trip with your family. These sweet polar bears will make you happy!

Daily Virtual Field Trips for Families 

April Maker Time

-During the month of April complete three activities from the board 

April Maker Challenge Link

April Maker Challenge

Optional Activity

30 Day Lego Challenge  

-Please click  HERE  for the 30 day LEGO challenge