Writing Expectations
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    1st Trimester: (To be on grade level)=3

    • Capitalization of “I”, beginning of sentences, months, days

    • Ending punctuation: period, question mark, exclamation point

    • Complete sentences, adjectives in each!!!

    • Must have a good opening and closing in written pieces

    • Demonstrates mastery of narrative genre traits

  • 2nd Trimester: (To be on grade level)=3

    • Single focus, paragraph form, writing for various audiences

    • Development of details

    • Commas in addresses, date, series, direct address

    • Capitalize titles

    • Demonstrates mastery of informational genre traits

  • 3rd Trimester: (To be on grade level)=3

    • Transitions and sequence words

    • Use commas and quotations in dialogue

    • Form and use possessives

    • Demonstrates mastery of opinion/persuasive and literary essay genre traits