Please choose one of the following activities to complete for the weekly health lesson! Some choices should be review while others touch upon newer information. The list does not need to be completed in any order so choose whichever you would like! 

1) Make a list or draw: 5 fruits, 5 vegetables, and 5 healthy snacks. 

2) Draw 3 ways that you can keep your body clean. 

3) Draw or list 3 ways you keep your body safe. (ex: wear a seat belt, wear a helmet, stay on the sidewalk, cross the street at a crosswalk). 

4) Draw and label OR list "safe adults" that you can find at school and at home. Your should have at least 10! 

5) Draw a 3 part picture of waht you should do if you get a cut:
1. Ask an adult for help. 
2. Clean out the cut with soap and water. 
3. Cover the cut with a Bandaid. 

6) Be ready for an emergency! Practice telling your address and your phone number to at least 4 different people. Bonus: draw your house with your address on a piece of paper.

7) BE ACTIVE! Think about the exercises you like to do to keep your body healthy. Do at least 4 different exercises for at least a total of 15 minutes. 

8) Think of your own activity to either keep your body healthy or how to stay safe in an emergency. 

9) Write or draw a menu that has a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

10) Draw a picture or write about what you would do if there WAS an emergency. Who should you call? What should you tell them?

11) Draw or list jobs of people that help in an emergency and/or when you are sick.

12) Teach someone how to keep a healthy smile!