E- Learning activities
Friday  May 29, 2020

Hola clases!! Continue to do a wonderful job! You are doing fantastic turning in all your assignments or taking part in the various options I give. If I post many options to complete an assignment (exit strategy) I only expect one to be complete. Anything else is above and beyond. If it's fun for you or a good way to spend time then by all means do as much as you want.
Let me know how you are completing your e-learning if I haven't seen your work. If you turn in a document, play a game on rockalingua, do a flipgrid, or complete a Google Form/ or PearDeck then I will know when I login to these document sessions. However, if you are home viewing my slideshows or videos/ practicing - I won't know but I would love to know so I can give you credit.
My email is henry@nvnet.org.

Classes for day Friday include:  2Wrynn, 2K, 1A , KT

1st/2nd/ 3rd/ 4th Grades
Please refer to your Spanish Google Classroom page. Note ***1st grade started a new Spanish google classroom last week. If you need help email me.
Please choose an exit activity presented to you in Google Classroom. Choosing an exit activity - counts towards your participation grade. Be sure to complete one. If you create one please send a snapshot or a Google Doc to show me your work.  

(KC click below for this week's lesson- complete at your leisure due to the holiday Monday)
Click below for the most present interactive slideshow- last week for KS and KT. KC this would have been this Monday's slideshow. Feel free to do whenever you can this week. This slideshow will not work on an IPAD. You must login as prompted. https://app.peardeck.com/student/tzelxvyxz
KC, KS, KT last week
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BpR9-S3_1GiSy1eupZOGDe04iWvDnENeJ202Y_oxKCg/edit?usp=sharing KC, KS, KT previous week
Click below for Cinco de Mayo lesson! View in Presentation mode. Click the first link on slide1 for my voice to guide the slides.
Learn the Spanish speaking countries this week with this fun Preschool Latin America song:
Let's have a Latino Fiesta/Festival
Travel to Peru the land of the llamas!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB0EMtupPsc

Click below for two week's ago Monday's slideshow. **New this week is rockalingua website- where students can practice with new words on a video game with a login/password. Directions are included on the slides. Be sure to play in "Present Mode" again for all the audio files. Your login is your first name and your last name together- all lowercase (Ex. reinasofia) KS is the only class that should use first name plus the first letter of their last name.