Setting Goals
 Activity 1 
Setting Goals (Grades K-2)


Who do you think should set goals?

Why is setting goals important? 

What would happen if no one ever set goals?


Divide a piece of paper into 4 sections and work through the M.A.R.K. steps to set a goal.  

M- Draw a picture of your goal. 

A- Ask yourself: Can I really do this?

R- Review: What steps do I need to reach my goal:

K- Kick it off and start!

Activity 2

Setting Goals (Grades 3-4)


Why do you think it is important to set goals?

How can goal setting give your life direction and focus?

Have you ever set a small goal? Did you achieve this goal?

Have you ever set a LARGE goal? Did you achieve this goal?


Come up with your own goal. 

What is something that you would like to accomplish? 

On a piece of paper write down each goal setting step that was given in the video. Work through each step to learn how to accomplish your goal. 

Step 1: What’s the big goal? 

Step 2: What’s the purpose?

Step 3: Break it down into smaller steps

Step 4: What are the obstacles?
Activity 3
“What Do You Do With a Chance?” By: Kobi Yamada

Questions to think about:

1. Why is it difficult to take risks sometimes?
Think about the risks (chances) that you take at home, at school, and in your community. How are they the same and how are they different?

2. Should some chances be ignored?  Why or why not?
When you are unsure if you should take a chance (or risk) make a pros and cons list! Think about the positives and negatives for the choice. 
3. How often do you reach for chances? What usually happens?

4. Can chances be created? If so, how?

5. Describe a chance you took. What happened?

Activity: Create a WANTED Poster with the title “WANTED: A CHANCE.” Describe/draw a chance you would like to take in the future

Activity 4

Set Small, Daily Goals

Keep your focus on real things you can do! Set small, daily goals for yourself and keep track of your goals. Set a goal about how much you will read each day, how long you’ll practice your free throws each day, how many nice things you’ll say to family members each day, or something else that’s important to you!