Personal Space/Paying Attention to Your Body
Activity 1

Personal Space Part 1

“Harrison P. Spader, Personal Space Invader” By: Christianne Jones

Questions to think about:
1. What is a personal space invader?
2. What clues might someone’s face and body give if you are being a personal space invader?
3. Practice doing the space saver with Harrison!
4. When should you use the space saver?

Am I Being a Personal Space Invader? Poster

Activity 2
Mind Yeti- Hello Body: Listen
Boost your focus by paying attention to your body.


Activity 3
Personal Space Part 2 Don’t Be a Personal Space Invader, Be a Personal Space Protector!
Types of Personal Space:

Body Space - getting too close and touching too much Property Space - touching others’ property without permission Hearing Space - continuing to talk and/or make noise when others want you to stop Seeing Space - holding objects too close to someone else’s face

Talk about the answers with someone at home!

1. You are sitting on the carpet with your class. How can you be a space protector?
2. You are standing in line at school. How can you be a space protector?
3. You need to ask your teacher a question but your teacher is talking to another student. How can you be a space protector?
4. You are giving a book to your teacher. How should you hand it to them?
5. You want to play with someone’s game or toy. What should you do? How can you be a space protector?
6. You are talking while doing work in class when a classmate asks you to please, stop talking. How can you be a space protector?

7. You see a book on your teacher’s desk that you want to look at. What should you do?