Feel Good Activities
Choose an activity to help jumpstart your mind, body, and spirit!
Activity 1

Start your week with yoga! 
Yoga for Kids!


Activity 2
"In My Heart: A Book of Feelings” By: Jo Witek

Activity: For each of the prompts below write/draw a picture.
I feel sad when…

I feel happy when…

I feel mad when…

I feel surprised when...

I feel scared when…

I feel proud when…
Activity 3
                                       Make your own Calm Bottles!

Calm bottles are very easy (and fun) to make and give your child something soothing to look at when they are sad, frustrated or just have too much energy! 

Supplies: Voss Water Bottle, Mason Jar, or any other smooth bottle, Clear Elmers Glue, Glitter Glue, Glitter, Hot Glue Gun, and Warm Water. 
1. Fill bottle half way with warm water
2. Pour in clear glue- the more glue, the slower the glitter will move (this is a good thing!)
3. Add glitter
4. Pour more water into the bottle- it should be filled 3/4 of the way to the top
5. Seal the lid closed with a hot glue gun
6. Shake and take slow deep breaths as you watch the glitter fall gracefully to the bottom.

Here are two more links for different types of calm bottles to try making:


Activity 4
“We’re All Wonders” By: R.J. Palacio
What makes you WONDERful? 
“We’re all Wonders” reminds us that everyone is a wonder in his or her own way. Draw a picture of some of the things that make you special! Maybe you have a special talent for drawing, or you’re a great singer, or you help your parents at home. What makes you a wonder?

Activity 5
Play a Game of Sit or Stand with friends or family members! This is an exciting way of getting to know someone :) 

Stand if the statement is TRUE. Sit if the statement is NOT TRUE. Share details about yourself along with your action. Take turns. HAVE FUN!!

Have a brother
Have a sister
Have a pet
Like carrots
Play a sport
Play an instrument
Been on an airplane
Like to read
Have lost a tooth
Are 5 years old
Like to sing
Drink white milk 
Love summer 
Eat chocolate candy
Would love to go to space
Rather have a pet spider than a pet caterpillar 
Sleep late 
Prefer dogs to cats
No brother
No sister
No pet
Don’t like carrots
Don’t play a sport
Don’t play an instrument
Have not been on an airplane
Don’t like to read
Haven’t lost a tooth
Older than 6 year old
Don’t like to sing
Prefer chocolate milk to white
Prefer winter to fall
Enjoy eating fruity candy 
Swim in the ocean
Would like a pet snake
Wake up early
Prefer cats to dogs