• *Daily homework will not be posted on this page.

  • 4-D's Homework

    Remember our goal: to create responsible, independent learners!!
  • science
  • Science: Students will be taking in-class notes. In addition,  various information and task worksheets will be used in class and kept in your student's science folder. These resources will be used to review for any assessments.

Bookworm.png Reading: Your child is to read for 20 minutes Monday through Thursday. They are to record their reading on their Reading Log Sheet and a parent is to initial the reading. I check logs every Friday. When a reading response is assigned, the response must be at least one page- hopefully more!!:) Making thoughtful connections (text to self, text to text, text to world) is an aspect of a good response.

multiplication Math: Please have your child know/study the multiplication facts. PROFICIENCY WITH THE FACTS IS IMPERATIVE! There will be nightly homework, with few exceptions. Most homework assignments will be in the chapter workbook; however, sometimes ThinkCentral assignments will be given. Students sign in the following way:

login: studentnumber@nvnet.org.                 password: student number

Crossword Letter Tiles.pngVocabulary: Your child has a Vocabulary Workbook. Generally, a new lesson will be introduced on Monday and will be tested at the end of two weeks. Assessments will usually be on the second Friday after lesson introduction.

pencilEXTRA!! Most, if not all, writing assignments will be completed in school. This allows me to closely monitor your child's progress.