e-Learning Parent Letter updated March 15

March 15, 2020

Dear Kindergarten Parents-

As you know, media coverage of the coronavirus is widespread. Local situations are rapidly evolving. The intent of this letter is to provide kindergarten parents with general information about what the kindergarten team has done to prepare for our extended school closing.

You received a message from our school Superintendent outlining our district plan. Please be sure to read this important message again.  Due to our school closing, you are asked to complete e-Learning activities at home. We have created an “e-Learning activities” page on each of our webpages located on the TBD website: https://tbd.oldtappanschools.org/ Please visit our web pages to be sure you are able to access our homepage. You will not see the e-Learning page now. It won’t go live until Tuesday, March 17,2020

Please click on the teacher drop down bar to find our name. This will take you to our homepage. On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 8:30am you will see a tab called “e-Learning Activities” where you will find school work for each day. Just a reminder these e-Learning activities will begin on March 17,2020. This page will be updated daily for each day the next two weeks and beyond if needed. The e-Learning activities tab will go live on March 17,2020. 

Please reach out if further direction is needed. 

Thank you,  The Kindergarten Teachers