Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!!! Morning News: May 27, 2020

Morning Routine: (oral)

Today is May 27. Let's count to 27. Ready count!

Repeat after me: Today is Wednesday, May 27, 2020. 

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

What month is it? What was last month? What month comes next?

What kind of weather is it outside today?

Today is the 163rd day of school! Count by tens to 100 and then count by tens to 60! Add three more! 163! *If we were using our straws to count, we would have 100 straws rubber band together in the hundreds column, 6 groups of 10 (60 straws) in the tens column, and 3 straw in the ones.
Guess what? There are only 17 days of school until summer break. Let's count down from 17! Count Down Song

It is the month of MAY!
HERE are the months of the year songs where you will find May.

It’s Your Birthday and Birthday Hooray Song *If you’d like to share a picture of a birthday card for Austin or a video singing happy birthday to Austin for his special day, I will be happy to send it along :) It will brighten his day!

SPOTLIGHT STUDENT OF THE DAY: Every day for the next few weeks we will spotlight one student on Padlet! Starting today, when you click the Padlet link, you will see which classmate is our “spotlight student” of the day! We will celebrate each student by posting something we love about them, our favorite thing about them, a favorite memory with them, etc. You may record a video on Padlet or you may post a picture of something you draw or write to this classmate. Let’s make all of our friends feel special during the last few weeks of school! We miss each other very much! Have fun with it! Spotlight Student Padlet
OPTIONAL: May Morning Work Literacy page 15 ONLY. Pages 16-20 are beginning blends that we have not learned in Kindergarten. You may try these pages with your child if you'd like, but they are not expected to know these blends. I bet they will be able to figure them out!
This week you will learn a new sound /wh/. -wh is a digraph which means two letters are written together and make a single sound. w and h are two letters that work together to make one sound /wh/.  
-wh digraph lesson  -wh digraph song
wh digraph blend board NEW 5/27
Will and the Whip NEW 5/27 *Please read "Will and the Whip" with a parent or adult. Try to find all of the /wh/ words and highlight them in the short story.
*Today, make a -wh circle chart. I do not have a circle chart paper for -wh so please just make your circle chart on plane paper. Have fun!
  Your new red word this week is: have Please add the word have to your red word poster at home. Red Word Review
Red Word Lesson- have NEW 5/27 * you will need a half piece of plain paper, red bumpy screen, red crayon, and pencil
Click the link below. Click: I am a student. Class code: UAVBJV Find our class and find your name! Spend about 10-15 minutes on here each day.
Read or listen to books on the website- Epic! Class code: evt2037

Our class has read 900 books on EPIC! AMAZING! Keep reading! Can we make it to 1,000?

Please log onto Raz Kids 2-3 times a week to practice reading. Record your reading.

This week, you have two choices for writing- You may continue to write about your May Adventures with Ms. Corbett using this NEW TEMPLATE - what do you like to do with me and why? OR You may write a letter to the "spotlight student of the day". You may write your spotlight classmate a letter telling them something you love about them, that you miss them, a special memory you have with them, or just a letter saying hello! LETTER TEMPLATE
*Please allow your child to use developmental spelling.  *He/she is not expected to write perfectly.  *You may help your child sound out some words.
Take a look at our Adventures with Ms. Corbett powerpoint below!
*You may send me pictures of your child with "flat Ms. Corbett" whenever you have time.
Adventures with Ms. Corbett Pictures (updated daily) Adventure Ideas
MATH: OPTIONAL: May Morning Work Math page 20 ONLY.
OPTIONAL: complete another 2D or 3D shape worksheet from the packet that was emailed to parents last week. 3 Dimensional Shapes! 3D Shapes Lesson Day 1 5/18 3D Shapes Lesson Day 2 5/19 3D Shapes Lesson Day 3 5/20 3D Shapes Lesson Day 4 5/21 3D Shapes Lesson Day 5 5/26 3D Shapes Song

Practice #s 1-30 For more practice: - make flashcards of numbers 1-30 (one number on each card) - use these flashcards to orally review #s 1-30 randomly - not in number order - mix the cards up on a table and have students put the cards in # order from 1-30
Log onto Happy Numbers for 30-45 min. a week! You pick when!

3D SHAPE PADLETS: (from last week) Cylinder object Cone object Cube object Sphere object

HANDWRITING: Please complete the next two pages in your orange HWT workbook. Watch these videos for correct handwriting demonstrations (helpful tips).

CATERPILLAR JOURNAL: Check on our class caterpillar journal each day to see the changes! Some of the butterflies have arrived!!!!