Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!! 

* You may notice some of the e-Learning assignments today are the same as yesterday. This is normal. We use repetition in Kindergarten to “master” skills over the course of time. Use your best judgement in completing these assignments. Feel free to explore websites or other learning opportunities as you see fit for your child.

Morning News: click the link March 18, 2020 Newsletter


Go Noodle: It’s Your Birthday

*If you’d like to share a picture of a birthday card for Michael or a video singing happy birthday to Michael, I will be happy to send it along to his mom :) I am sure it will brighten his day!


- Students will practice RED WORDS. Red words are words we can READ and SPELL. Today, please pick 3 red words and write them each 3x using a RED CRAYON in a notebook or on loose leaf paper. After you write the words 3x each, trace your finger over each word, saying each letter out loud as you trace over with your finger. 


- Today, pick 2 of our “alphabet letter songs” to listen to. You can find these songs by clicking the tab on the left of this page called “Alphabet Letter Songs”. These songs remind us of the sound each letter makes and words that begin with that letter/sound. After you listen to each letter song, try to come up with your own words that begin with that letter!

Example: Letter T Song- listen to the song. When it is over, think of all of the words you can come up with that begin with the letter /T/ - turtle, taco, Tuesday, tomato, train *You can either say the words you come up with outloud or try to make a list of the words on paper (developmental spelling is accepted, spelling does not need to be correct)


- Please read a story to your child each night before bed. Continue to fill in your blue log “Read to Make a Difference” in your folder for as many minutes you read.

*Find sight words while you are reading

*Use strategies to figure out unknown words

*Look at print - the word begins with b (bunny not rabbit) 

*Use pictures to help

*Sound the word out in “chunks”



GYM (Mon, Tues, Wed)- please direct your child to Ms. Janowski’s webpage to find gym activities for today.


- Please continue writing friendly letters. 

- Yesterday you wrote a letter to the leprechaun. Today, I would like you to write a letter to ME (Ms. Corbett)!! In your letter, please tell me what you have been doing at home! You may also ask me what I have been doing at home.

*You may also write in the blank composition (marble) notebook that was sent home- in this journal   you may write about anything you wish! 

*Any writing is helpful at this point and will build students’ stamina.

*The final product of all writing samples does NOT need to be and should not be perfect. 

*I refrain from telling students how to properly spell everything so that they will become confident, independent writers. Please continue to do so. 

Handwriting: (Handwriting Without Tears Orange Workbook)

- Please complete the next two incomplete pages in your orange handwriting workbook. This workbook allows students to practice letter formation. I want students to take their time when forming letters.

*Students start their letters at the top.

*Follow the directions/pictures shown at the top of each page.


- Today students will visit our “Math Learning Videos” Tab. Listen to the "I Can Say My Number Pairs 10" song. Show different ways to make 10 using your red and yellow counters that were sent home in a plastic baggie. 

Science, Social Studies, Health:

- Please choose an activity from the "Science, Social Studies, Health Choice Board" link below. Please choose and complete ONE activity today. 

Science, Social Studies, Health Choice Board


**Feel free to explore websites or other learning opportunities as you see fit for your child.