Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

*You will notice there are a lot of links on my webpage. I am using a video recording platform to record lessons, which I have found to be the best way to teach new and continuous material. Please be sure to click all of the links as I think it is the best way to help your child learn. I hope my lessons are clear and helpful! 

Morning News: click the link April 15, 2020 *We read the morning news together every morning. One student points to the words and reads the news while the rest of the class follows. Please have your child read the news and find sight words in the news. If you have a printer, you can print the news and have them highlight sight words on paper. If you don't have a printer, your child can just point to the sight words that they find in the news!

Morning Routine: (oral)

Today is April 15th, so I want you to count to 15 (like we do at the calendar).

Repeat after me: Today is Wednesday, April 15th, 2020. 

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

What month is it?

What kind of weather is it outside today?

Today is the 133rd day of school!

- Pick someone to count to 133 with! READY...Count! 

- 133 is a BIG number, so if you would like to start at 50 or a higher number, you can!

- If we were using our straws to count, we would have 100 straws rubber band together in the hundreds column, 3 groups of 10 (30 straws) in the tens column, and three straws in the ones column.


Sing the Wednesday song and the APRIL SONG to your families!

HERE are the month songs where you will find April. We sing this song every morning!

(each line is echoed and to the same tune as the March song)

Click the link to complete activities for our LIFE SKILLS BINGO CHALLENGE!

*Work on each challenge as much as you need to get good at it! LIFE SKILLS BINGO



GYM- please click HERE to find Ms. J’s gym activities for today!


Phonics/ Phonemic Awareness:

- Below is our NEW letter/sound video. I now have our real Phonics First cards to work with! YAY!

- In school we review our sounds EVERY MORNING. Please review this video every day. 

Letter/Sound video UPDATED

- This week we learned a NEW SOUND: Short /e/ vowel sound

- Short vowel e says /e/ like elephant

- When you make the short /e/ vowel sound, our hand motion is to put your arm in front of your nose and wave it up and down like an elephant's trunk!

- Click on this LINK to learn about the /e/ sound with Ms. Corbett!

Letter Ee song:

Letter E Song

- Yesterday, you made a letter Ee circle chart

- Here is a picture of my letter Ee circle chart! I hope you like it!

Blend Board Practice with Ms. Corbett! - Please click the link to review CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words.

Blend Board Practice Short vowel practice with Ms. Corbett! NEW! Including our new vowel short /e/. Short Vowel Practice RED WORD Practice with Ms. Corbett! *Add our two new red words do and from to your RED WORD poster at home! Red Word Practice

Rhyming with Ms. Corbett!
Rhyming Practice

Fun Rhyming Song For Kids | Make a Rhyme, Make a Move | Jack Hartmann

Reading Workshop:

- Today for reading workshop, please look at our Shared Reading Poetry powerpoint. - Start with the poem titled “Ladybugs”. On the next slide, it tells you what to do with the poem each day. For Wednesday, it asks you to find the words with “st”. Underline any words that you see that have “st”. If you have a notebook, you may keep a section for “Shared Reading Poetry” and we will do a new poem each week (as you can see on the powerpoint). If you do not have a notebook, please complete the assignments on a sheet of paper and keep all of the papers for each poem together.

READ ALOUD with Ms. Corbett! CLICK Spring Changes


Go on RAZ Kids and read for at least 10-15 minutes. Try to record a story for me so I can hear you read! Take the quiz after each story. Do you see the messages I send you on Raz Kids after I listen to you read?

Take the APRIL READING CHALLENGE! Share pictures of each challenge you complete.

April Reading Challenge

Send me pictures of you completing a box from our April reading challenge to make it into our April Reading Challenge Picture Slideshow  Look at the pictures of all of your friends who have completed some of the April challenges so far!


Have your child read their favorite book (or read it to them) and draw/write about their favorite part. Encouraging children to talk about reading will help build strong literacy skills! You could start a journal where each day your child illustrates their favorite part and maybe writes some key words. Some sentence starters to help get you started could be: My favorite part was … because... One thing that surprised me was… I’d still like to know more about... One thing that made me laugh was... My friend/family member would like this book too because…

Writing Workshop:

- In writing workshop we will begin a new unit! “HOW TO” writing!

- “How to” writing is my favorite unit because YOU get to teach people how to do things! Anything!

- Click HERE for a template to write a “how to”. If you have a printer, please print multiple copies for this unit of study. If you do not have a printer, please copy a similar layout onto a plain piece of paper to create your own “how to” writing template. It is a very simple template that can be re-created on a piece of paper if you need!

- Click HERE to learn about writing a “how to” and to see Ms. Corbett's example!

REMEMBER! Good writers...

- have to first think and plan about their writing!

- don’t start writing until they have ideas ready. 

- use details to keeps readers interested. 

- pretend like readers have NO IDEA how to do the thing you are teaching them.

- include all of the steps to help readers learn and be successful.

- write a “how to” about something they are an expert at!


- Today, please join Ms. Corbett in a math lesson transitioning from addition to SUBTRACTION!

- Some of you may be working on subtraction on Happy Numbers already.

- Subtraction is a fancy word that means "take away".

- Click HERE for a lesson on subtraction with Ms. Corbett!

- Log into Happy Numbers for 15-20 minutes. go to

• click "I'm a Student"

• enter your class number: 709 017

Student Passwords: please save your personal password.

Science, Social Studies, Health: - If you did not get a chance to do Mrs. Gambuti’s science lesson yesterday, please click HERE to visit her page and complete the assignment. Mrs. Gambuti started a new unit- Effects of the Sun. Launch Pad is science content- curriculum that students need! Please make sure to complete her assignments when you have the time.

- Today, visit Scholastic Let's Find Out Link

- Please log in as a student using our class passcode: corbettk

- Scroll down to the April 2020 issues, click on the Let’s Find Out- “If You See a Spring Flower…”

- Listen and read along with the magazine. 

- Watch the video “The Sounds of Spring” and play the game at the end!

Handwriting: (Handwriting Without Tears Orange Workbook)

- Please complete the next two pages in your handwriting workbook. I do not assign certain page #s because each child may be on a different page. 

Visit Padlet: Hit the + sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and post

For today's padlet, please show me one exercise you do for gym class! Gym Exercise Previous Padlets: Letter E Circle Chart Padlet

Tacky Tourist Day Padlet

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TBD Spirit Day Shirt

Sport's Team Padlet

Spirit Day Rainbow and Patterns Padlet

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Show Me Your Smile Padlet

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