Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday, March 19, 2020- Happy National Let’s Laugh Day!

*please keep track of any completed/written work and place in folder that was sent home- date work.

*take time throughout the day for snack, lunch, recess, playtime, and brain breaks (go noodle & fresh air)!

*During this social distancing and school closure period, I encourage you and your child(ren) to continue to find ways of connecting with friends and family. Make a phone call, enjoy a video chat, write an e-mail, or send a handwritten note! 

Morning News: click the link March 19, 2020 KC News

*we read the morning news together every morning. One student points to the words and reads the news while the rest of the class follows. Please have your child read the news and find sight words in the news. If you have a printer, you can print the news and have them highlight sight words on paper. If you don't have a printer, your child can just point to the sight words that they find in the news!


- Students will practice RED WORDS. Red words are words we can READ and SPELL. Red words are now attached to your child's word list that comes home every day. 

- Parents/Grandparents/Nannies - please dictate 3 sentences to your child using red words and have them repeat each sentence back to you. Count how many red words are in each sentence.


Sentences: He is in the house. 

        She has a dog at home. 

        I was in the car. 


- Visit our “Literacy Learning Videos” tab. Listen to the -ch song. Make a list of at least three -ch words. See if you can come up with more than 3 -ch words!

Example: chip, chin, chug, chap - Students will review sight word lists. Please have your child read and practice his/her sight word lists. Students should recognize and read sight words while reading books from their book pouches. Below is a link to our "sight word powerpoint", which we use in school to practice words. Please review sight words using the powerpoint. 

Sight Word Powerpoint Link

*If your child is having trouble with any sight words, don’t keep going! Stop and “master” the ones they know first. *Ways to get better at sight words- arm tap them, rainbow write them (write over and over using 3 different color crayons), and find them in books while reading!

Reading Workshop:

- Scholastic Let’s Find Out! “My Wild Weather Day”- read your Scholastic weekly reader that I sent home. I attached a student access code to the scholastic so that you can access it online. The website will read to you, show you a video, and has a game to play! 

- It is supposed to rain today, so this weekly reader seemed appropriate.

Scholastic Let's Find Out Link

Class Passcode: corbettk

- Please read a story to your child each night before bed. Continue to fill in your blue log “Read to Make a Difference” in your folder for as many minutes you read.

*Find sight words while you are reading

*Use strategies to figure out unknown words

*Look at print - the word begins with b (bunny not rabbit) 

*Use pictures to help

*Sound the word out in “chunks”


MUSIC- please direct your child to Mr. Natoli’s webpage to find fun and exciting music activities for today!

Writing Workshop:

- Your child will continue to practice writing strategies already taught. I refrain from telling them how to properly spell everything so that they will become confident, independent writers. Please continue to do so. Any writing they do will help keep the stamina for writing.


- In writing workshop students have been writing letters to express feelings through writing.

- Students have learned the parts of a letter: date, greeting, body, closing/signature.

- Telling sentence: uses a period.

- Asking sentence: uses a question mark and needs an answer.

*Please date and save any writing samples for when we return to school :)   Math:

- Please complete the front and back of math page lesson 10.8 that was sent home. If you already did these, then pick one other math worksheet to complete from the Math Leprechaun packet.

Science, Social Studies, Health:

- Please choose an activity from the "Science, Social Studies, Health Choice Board" link below. Please choose and complete ONE activity today. 

Science, Social Studies, Health Choice Board

- On Tuesdays, please direct your child to Mrs. Gambuti’s Launch Pad webpage where you will find Science lessons/activities. Her name can be found on the TBD website teacher drop down (just like you found mine).


Handwriting: (Handwriting Without Tears Orange Workbook)

- Please complete the next two incomplete pages in your orange handwriting workbook. This workbook allows students to practice letter formation. I want students to take their time when forming letters.

- Handwriting Without Tears is offering free use for 90 days of their HIIT tools that we use in our classrooms. Simply click “create an account” for a free 90 day access! Link below: HWT Link

*If I have not heard from you or received any pictures via email yet, please reach out to me by Friday. I want to make sure everyone is successfully e-Learning at home. Thank you! Washing Hands.png