Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday, May 8, 2020- "FLEX FUN" FRIDAY!

Today is a flexible day. No new work will be assigned.   Use this day to catch up on work from this week that you may have missed. You can always click the tabs on the left hand side of my website for previous assignments (dated). Please scroll through my page today for library, adventure's with Ms. Corbett, our caterpillar journal, Go Noodle, a Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt, and other fun Mother's Day activities! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF OUR AMAZING MOMS! Google Meet with Ms. Corbett at 12:00pm Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo  Morning News: May 8, 2020

Morning Routine: (oral)

Today is May 8. Let's count backwards from 30 to 8!

Repeat after me: Today is Friday, May 8, 2020. 

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

What month is it? What do we celebrate in May?

What kind of weather is it outside today?

Today is the 151st day of school! Count by tens to 100 and then count by tens to 50! Add 1 more! 151! *If we were using our straws to count, we would have 100 straws rubber band together in the hundreds column, 5 groups of 10 (50 straws) in the tens column, and 1 straw in the ones column.

It is the month of MAY!
HERE are the months of the year songs where you will find May.


LIBRARY- please visit Mrs. Straubinger's page for today's assignment.

GUIDANCE- visit our guidance page to exercise your emotions.

MYSTERY PICTURE- Mother's Day! Print out and follow the directions to reveal a mystery picture!
GO NOODLE- dance around with MAXIMO or calm down with FLOW!

My Mommy Template- dads or older siblings, please help take charge on this one!!!
I love you because...
Best Mom Ever Coloring Page
To my mom...
My Mom and Me
Try your best to do this!
Your mommy will love it!


Some Mother's Day ideas to make mommy feel special: *Make mom breakfast, lunch, or dinner *Clean the house and pick up your toys *Do the dishes or set the table for mom *Give mom a nice massage or "spa treatment" *Paint mom's nails *Play a fun game with mom *Let mom relax on the couch or in bed *Give mom a GIANT hug and a kiss and tell her how much you love her
PADLET: For mother's day, find a flower and post it to Padlet for mom. It can be a real flower, fake flower, a flower you draw or paint, a flower made out of paper... any bright, beautiful flower!
Mother's Day Padlet

CATERPILLAR JOURNAL: I have exciting news to share with you! We have CATERPILLARS! Check out our caterpillar journal each day to see the changes.

Explore the website- Epic! Class code: evt2037
Our class has read 250 books in one week on EPIC! WOW! AMAZING!
Please log onto Raz Kids 2-3 times a week to practice reading. Record your reading.

Adventures with Ms. Corbett Pictures Adventure Ideas Flat Teacher Journal Template