Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday, May 1, 2020- "FLEX FUN" FRIDAY!

Today is a flexible day. No new work will be assigned.   Use this day to catch up on any work from this week that you may have missed. You can always click the tabs on the left hand side of my website for previous assignments (dated). I did post a few fun things for today including, a new mystery picture, a new scavenger hunt, Go Noodle, some songs/dances, and our new MAY SONG! Check them out!  Don't forget about our Google Meet at 12:00pm Have a wonderful weekend! Miss you! Morning News: May 1, 2020

Morning Routine: (oral)

Today is May 1. Let's count backwards from 30 to 1!

Repeat after me: Today is Friday, May 1, 2020. 

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

It is a new month. What month is it?

What kind of weather is it outside today?

Today is the 145th day of school! Count to 140 by tens and then add FIVE more! 145!

*If we were using our straws to count, we would have 100 straws rubber band together in the hundreds column and now 4 groups of 10 (40 straws) in the tens column and five straws in the ones column.
Today begins a new month! MAY! 
We have a new song for the month of May. Please practice the song and add a border if you are able to print it out. If you cannot print, please consider writing the song on a piece of paper to make a border. Ms. Corbett thinks of flowers, butterflies, different animals, Mother's Day, and "all things spring" during the month of May. Your pictures should represent what you think of in May!

HERE are the months of the year songs where you will find May.

LIBRARY- please visit Mrs. Straubinger's page for today's assignment.

GUIDANCE- visit our guidance page to exercise your emotions.

MYSTERY PICTURE- NEW! Print out and follow the directions to reveal a mystery picture!
GO NOODLE- dance around with MAXIMO or calm down with FLOW!
DANCE AND FREEZE- with Jack Hartmann

Have you completed our Life Skills BINGO challenge?
Explore the website- Epic! You should have received an email from the website and an email from me about this. I do not want to overwhelm you with many different resources, but I think you will like this one. You have access to so many different books that you can read for fun! For now, explore the site and check out all of the different books they have to offer - some are audio books, some they will read to you, there are even some videos. Let me know how it goes.
Class code: evt2037

YOU COMPLETED THE APRIL READING CHALLENGE! CONGRATULATIONS! Check out all of our AWESOME pictures! April Reading Challenge April Reading Challenge Picture Slideshow  

Bring your favorite writing piece to share during our Google Meet today!
How To Powerpoint


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