Supporting Readers
Helpful Hints for Students and Families


Your child should be reading every day!

Try to read WITH your child at least 3 times a week.  
(read aloud to your child, partner read together or have your child read to you)

Try to balance between simply enjoying a story together and practicing skills that will develop meaning.  Here are guidelines to help you discuss fiction and nonfiction text with your child.

Thinking about Fiction Text




Who are my characters?

What kind of people are they?

Do I like them?

What is the setting of thestory?

How does that affect mycharacters?

What do I think will happen?

What is the problem of thestory?

How is it affecting mycharacters?
How is the relationship of thecharacters developing?
Is my character changing?
Whatis causing the change?



How did my character change?

What caused the change?
What is the author’s message?
What does the author want me to learn about life?



Thinking About Non-Fiction Text




What is my topic?

What do I already know aboutthis topic?

What do I wonder about thistopic?

What am I learning about thistopic?

How has that changed what Ialready knew about this topic?

What new information have Ilearned?

How has this made me smarter?

                                   Be the model your child needs to succeed!

Have you enjoyed a good book lately?