March 27, 2020

 E-Learning Lessons- Day 9
Friday, March 27, 2020

 Friday Dance Party
Crab Rave

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We made it to Friday!
Give your family members a big hug for helping you every day!

No Google Hangout today. 
We will be back at it next week!  
(look for the email on Monday morning)

Today's Specials
 Launch Pad and Physical Education

Mrs. Gambuti's webpage

Ms. Janowski's webpage

If you see any other teachers for support today, please visit their web pages as well.

Ms. Brown's web page
Mrs. Ortiz web page
Ms.Zweig/Mrs. Catellier
Mrs. Geraghty


Google Classroom (if needed)

Daily Read Aloud:
My New Friend is So Fun!

Morning Meeting
You are in charge today! 
Tell your family about the date and the weather!

Question of the Day: What do you like to eat for dessert?
Click on the word below:

POEM of the Week:  Nothing

Word Study/ Phonics First-NEW LESSON-Y =I
Choice A: Play charades with your family for at least 5 of the words below.  When someone guesses it write the word in the air.
Choice B: Write 3 of the words in sentences.  (either on paper or your driveway---hahaha)



yet     yo-yo

yak    yum

yes    yuck

  my    cry    

by     fly

try   dry

fry    spy

shy   why

Write WHERE three times in rainbow colors.  Write WHERE in a sentence.  Don't forget to highlight the capital and period.  If you have any other red words in the sentence underline them and WHERE in red!

where         where

Reading:  FREE CHOICE-at least 15 minutes

Don't forget to add your time to your BLUE READ to MAKE a DIFFERENCE paper.

READ to Make a Difference ends this Sunday.  Kids should read through Sunday then tally total minutes.  Hang on to any donations and forms until we return to school.

Math-Comparing Numbers

1. Play Double Digit War-use a deck of cards without  10, jack, queen, king (only numbers 1-9)
      a.  Split the deck of cards into two piles-one pile for each player
      b. each player turns over 2 cards from their pile, each player makes the largest two digit number
       c.  greatest number wins and takes the cards of the other person
       d..  keep playing until one person has all the cards


2. Free choice on abcya games:  abcya

Writing-practice reading your All About Story.  We will be sharing the books on Google Hangout on Monday.  
Think of another topic that you can be an expert on.  You will make one more All About book next week.  

Science-  Check out some animals in action.  Choose one of these websites to learn new about animals:

Cape May Zoo (NJ) VIRTUAL ZOO SCHOOL:   Virtual Zoo Cape May Zoo
      They have a LIVE  episode at 11:30 AM but you can also go on the site and see postings from earlier in the week.

Doodle with Mo Willems-episode 9
Doodles with Mo- episode 8
Doodles with Mo Willems-episode 7 -so silly
Doodles with Mo Willems-episode 6
Doodles with Mo- episode 5
Doodle with Mo Willems-episode 4
Doodle with Mo Willems-episode 3
  Doodle with Mo Willems-2
Doodle with Mo Willems-episode 1

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