e-Learning Activities

June 15th - 19th

Shark!!! This week we are going to have so much fun learning more about the many different types of sharks that swim in waters all over the world!  They are fascinating!! 

My Lesson Introduction!

All About Sharks!

Shark Folded Surprise Tutorial!!

June 8th- 12th

Lighthouses Light the Way!!
Lighthouses serve as a navigational aid to boats so they don't run aground and crash into shore. They are like a traffic sign on the sea!!

My Lesson Introduction!

Ten Fun Facts about Lighthouses Video 

Lighthouse by the Sea drawing tutorial!!

Lighthouse Images from Around the World

Week of June 1st- 5th

This week we will be learning about the style of art called Surrealism! Get ready to have fun creating impossible, fantastical pictures!!! As always, take your time, you can create your art any day of the week!!

My Lesson Introduction!!!

About Surrealism for Kids

How to Draw a Shoe!

May 25th- 29th

Flags of the World!! 
Flags are national symbols, and every country has its own. Let's learn more about them and create one that represents our family heritage!!

My Lesson Introduction!!

How National Flags Came About

International Flag Finder for Students

Week of May 18th- 22nd 

Welcome to art!!  This week we are going to learn all about the magical structures we call castles!! Back in Medieval times, these places were anything but magical...let's find out more!!!

My Lesson Introduction!!

A Mini Guide to Medieval Castles

Basic Castle Drawing Tutorial

More Detailed Castle Tutorial

Week of May 11th-15th

Welcome to art!! This week we will learn about, and be inspired by, the art of 
Mary Cassatt!

My Lesson Introduction!

Biography of Mary Cassatt

Week of May 4th- May 8th
Welcome to Art!! This week we will be learning about collage!!

My Lesson Introduction!

Found Object Collage I

Met Kids Collage

Picasso Biography

Week of April 27th -May 1st
Welcome to Art! This week we will be focusing on our last
Element of Art: Space!

My Lesson Introduction!

About Georgia O'Keeffe

Pictures to Inspire

Week of April 20th-24th
Welcome to art! This week we will be looking at the
Elements of Art: Value & Form

My Lesson Introduction!

The Value Song

How to draw a cupcake

Wayne Thiebaud

Week of April 13th- 17th

Welcome Back! This week we will be exploring the Element of Art: Line! First watch my introduction and then have fun using a variety of line in this week's art experience!

Lesson Introduction!

The Line Song

Looking Out the Window Activity

Date: March 30th- April 3rd

Hi everyone,  click below to see my introduction!!


This week we will be exploring our third Element of Art: Texture. I know that we have discussed what texture is and felt objects that are smooth, soft, bumpy, rough, and spiky, such as pom poms, shells, sandpaper, etc.  When we hold or touch an object the texture that we feel is called Real Texture. If we were to draw, paint, or photograph that same object, the texture we would see is referred to as Implied Texture.  
   There is an artist that I would like you to become familiar with because of all the beautiful textures within his work. His name is Andy Goldsworthy. He is a British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist that creates art using objects found in nature. He then photographs them to capture the image. 
    What I would like you to do this week is first watch the two short video clips about the artist and his work. Then, over the course of the week, by yourself or with your siblings, look around your yard for twigs, stones, dried leaves, etc. and then arrange them to form either a design or perhaps a person or animal. Don't forget to look for things when you are on a walk with your family!! This is your sculpture with real texture.
  Then, either take a picture or draw what you created. This is a picture with implied texture!! Look forward to seeing your creations! 

Andy Goldsworthy slideshow

Magical Land Art!

Date: March 23rd- 27, 2020

    Hello my TBD artists!! Just want to first say that I miss you all and look forward to continuing all the great art we were working on!! This week we are going to focus our study on the Element of Art:Color.  Color is often the first thing we notice when looking at art, and everyone has their favorite!! We have been talking about color throughout the year learning about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We have learned that color can have a temperature, as we applied warm and cool colors to our work.  I would like for you to watch the short piece on color. I am sure you will recognize some of the artwork and help develop a better understanding of art work that is just about color! 

Extension activity: Create a found object color wheel!! Look for objects around your home that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple and arrange them in a circle!! If you make one, be sure to send me a picture!!
The second part of this week's lesson about color is the introduction of the artist Romero Britto. We are often inspired by art and artists that lived in past times, so I am excited to introduce to you this artist who not only has his work on display all over the world, but is still hard at work creating new pieces today!! First, watch and enjoy the video about him and his bright colorful work. Then, you can follow along with the drawing tutorial to create your own fish in the Britto style. 
1. Take your time! You never have to finish in one sitting!
2. Make sure you put your name on the back of your work.

Extension activity: Print and color your own Romero Britto design!https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_beM3AA9UwLrwqBfeENls04mI8XzVDRAtOGea7c1CXc/edit?usp=sharing

Shapes are all around us! They also help us draw the world around us.
 Print the attached pages, or if a printer is not available use plain white paper to draw as many things that you can think of or find around your house or yard that are circles, squares, and triangles!!  Be sure to put your name and date on your paper and save all your work to hand in when we come back to school! 

 Watch the attached video and then gather your favorite toys or foods, set them up on a table to create a still life of your own. Remember that using simple shapes to start your sketch will make drawing anything easier. Enjoy working on your art!!!

Note: You do not have to fill every circle, square, and triangle on each page! (Triangles are especially tricky!!)

Click here for template.

Click here for video.