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    Thank you for stopping by...The art room is an exciting place to be all the year through. Every grade level will study artists of different genres and learn about the elements of art, and color theory. It is my hope that your child comes home with something new they have learned in the art room each and every week!
    I facilitate two fundraisers during each school year that benefit the PTO, who do so much for our students. The first takes place at the beginning of the school year. This is the Square 1 Art program that gives families the opportunity to purchase goods with their child's art printed on it. From note cards to pillow cases, you will not believe the selection of goods that Square 1 has to offer. Plus, every students gets a free sheet of stickers with their art printed on it!
       The second fundraiser that benefits the PTO is the Spring Art Show! All are invited to come see some of the amazing art created by each and every student in our school. Families can also have fun participating in lots of fun art related activities! Parents that wish to purchase their own child's framed art will have the opportunity to do so. More information will be sent home as we get closer to the date!  The art show is a great way to see what the amazing students at TBD have been busy creating!!