Sight Word Strategies
If your child needs extra practice to learn their sight words and their teacher gives you words to work with, try some of these ideas to make the daily practice fun:

* Write each word on two index cards.  Use 8-16 pairs of words to play a MEMORY game.  

*Write each word on two index cards.  Use 8-16 pairs of words to play GOFISH.  You can add  rules and ask players name and spell the word theyare looking for (using the card they have in front of them) each turn!

* Flash cards or other ways to have repeated visual exposure to the word, writing the word, using a finger to trace the letter sequence, and visualizing the word are some strategies for learning the words. Saying the word while looking, tracing, or visualizing brings in another sense--hearing--to help impress the word in memory.

*Write each word on an index card and show one card at a time to your child; words they read accurately go in their pile and words they need to review go in your pile.  The goals is for your child to have all of the cards.  Words that need more review can be spelled with magnetic letters, written on a dry erase board, etc, for more practice.

  There are many other ways to provide multi-sensory sight word practice. Please contact your child's teacher or myself for additional advice!


*  dry erase marker and dry erase board

*  magnetic letters

* Jell-o (dry powder) or sand in a shallow container/ box top to "write"letters or sight words in for practice and tactile feedback

* sidewalk chalk for writing letters or sight words in BIG PRINT outside on pavement (This is a great way to use large muscles and muscle memory to assist in learning letters/sight words!)

*  a wet paintbrush to "paint" letters and/or sight words on the backyard fence, a chalkboard, etc!