Live Cams
    • Eagle Cam - Duke Farms, New Jersey

      This Eagle Cam is located right here in New Jersey!  It was installed to provide researchers with an opportunity to watch and learn about a pair of nesting Bald Eagles without bothering the birds. It is being shared with you so you can learn about how an eagle lives in its natural environment.

    • Peregrine Falcons in Jersey City

      Can you believe that this live cam shows one of ONLY 25 pairs of peregrines in New Jersey? Not only will you get to see a full grown peregrine falcon, but you also get to see baby peregrine falcons! This site, hosted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, also includes still images and a video of the babies being fed. The clear images make you feel like you are right there watching the babies.

    • Osprey Cam

      This osprey nest is at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. An osprey is a large bird of prey, which is sometimes referred to as a “fish hawk.” They are found in open areas and nest near water, where they find their main food source, fish.Currently ospreys are listed as threatened during the breeding season. Their nesting season starts in April and lasts until the end of August. During the last state-wide census (in 2009) a total of 486 nesting pairs were found. Through projects like this it is hoped that the number of osprey will continue to increase. 
    • You Otter See This!

      The Monterey Bay Aquarium is the host of this amazing sea otter livecam. Not only does the page host the livecam, but there is helpful information and some activities to teach about these adorable creatures. A helpful sea otter spotting guide gives you a close up picture and profile of each of the sea otters being watched. Lastly, there are links to other other animals with a similar page set up. Don't miss this one!

    • Humming Bird Bella

      Bella is an Allen's Hummingbird just like Phoebe! She lives in a tree in La Verne, California since about 2005. She does not migrate (leave to go to a warmer place), but lives here all year round. In 2012 the people who live in Bella's backyard decided to share all the wonderful things they were able to see and learn by adding a webcam to the yard. Enjoy watching Bella and her family!
    • Earth Cam - AnimalCams

      Would you like to see a panda? How about some jellyfish? Maybe you would like to see a polar bear! Whatever animal you are looking to learn about you are almost certain to find it here.