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 Who has AWESOME authors?
TBD that's who! 
Anica Mrose Rissi and Zachariah O'Hora - October 24, 2017 Sponsored by Books, Bytes & Beyond
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Brendan Wenzel, Sergio Ruzzier and Rowboat Watkins - May 2, 2017 Sponsored by Books, Bytes & Beyond
Books, Bytes and Beyond
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Audrey Vernick - March 6, 2017 Sponsored by the PTO
Author of First Grade Dropout, Edgar's Second Word, Brothers at Bat, Two Naomis and many, many more!
Douglas Florian - June 1, 2016 Sponsored by the PTO 
Author of: Poetrees, UnBEElievables, Poem Runs, Comets, Stars, the Moon & Mars and too many to name here! 

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Janet Wong - April 28, 2015 Sponsored by the PTO
Author of: This Next New Year, Buzz, Your Have to Write and so many more! 
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                                                Student Poem created at
                                               Janet Wong's writing workshop.
Tad Hills - February 4, 2015 Sponsored by Books & Greetings in Northvale.
Author of: How Rocket Learned to Read, Rocket Writes a Story, Duck & Goose and too many more to name! 
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Margie Palatini - March 20, 2014 Sponsered by the PTO
Author of: Bedhead, Tub Boo-Boo, Piggie Pie, Zak's Lunch and many, many more! 
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