Curriculum and State Standards
Curriculum and State Standards
Basic Movement Skills & Concepts  
   Standard 2.5.2.A.1-4, 2.5.4.A.1-4
Team Sports                
   Standard 2.5.2.C.1-2, 2.5.2.B.1-4, 2.5.4.C.1-2, 2.5.4.B 1-2
Individual Sports/Recreational Games/Lifetime Activities    
   Standard 2.5.2.C.1-2, 2.5.2.B.2-3, 2.5.4.B.1-2, 2.5.4.C.1-2
Fitness and Physical Activity  
   Standard 2.6.2.A.1-3, 2.5.2.B.3, 2.5.2.C.2, 2.6.4.A.1-4, 2.5.4.C.2
   Standard 2.5.2.B.1-4 2.5.4.B.1-4
Sportsmanship, Rules and Safety  
   Standard 2.5.2.C.1-2, 2.5.4.C.1-2
Project Adventure (Optional Enrichment)  
   Standard 2.5.2.B.1, 2.5.2.C 1-2, 2.5.4.B.2, 2.5.4.C 1-2
Guided Discovery (Optional Enrichment)  
   Standard 2.5.2.C.2, 2.5.4.C.2