My goal: To Create Independent Thinkers and Learners!  
      Reading:  Your second grader should be reading at his/her reading level for at least 15 minutes every evening. Students are encouraged to keep a monthly reading log which consists of writing the title of the book(s) read and the amount of time your child read.  Parents are strongly encouraged to read with your child. Your child will be assessed throughout the year using the DRA, and/or Teacher's College assessment. This will guide you and your child as to his/her independent reading level. 

:  I encourage your child to master his/her addition and subtraction facts. Mastery of these basic facts will enable your second grader to understand newer concepts, therefore lessening their stress level. Quizzes will be given periodically. I strongly encourage you to explore the Math websites I have listed. In addition to nightly homework, your child will be asked to use the XtraMath website to complete assignments. You will find the log-in information in your child's BEE binder.

Vocabulary: ​We are using a new vocabulary program this year. Homework assignments will be forthcoming.