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Fun Activities

Perform these activities in a safe, secure location, supervised by an adult:

Select three or four warm-up exercises. Remember, always warm up in a safe environment, clear of anything that might get in your way.  When you decide on your activity, practice social distancing and remember that your partner can be a parent or a sibling.  Check out the links below to videos on Go Noodle. 

Jumping Jacks 10 - 20x

Arm Circles forward/backward 10x each way

Toe Touches (feet together, walk fingers down to toes, hold for 10 - 20 seconds)

Lunges - legs apart, lean to left, lean on knee, hold for 10 seconds, repeat to right

Trunk Twisters - feet apart, hands on hips, twist to left, twist to right, 10 - 20x

Finger Extensions - fingers in and out 10x

Wrist Rolls - rotate wrists in circular motion 10x

Neck Stretches - circle head in a slow, controlled circular motion to left and to right 10x each

Performance Training - Go Noodle

Dance along:


How to Play Jacks