Gambuti, Nancy


It's so nice to have you here!


How to access e-Lessons:

If you are in grades 2-4 please sign into your Google account using your full 202 number plus Click on the waffle and go to the Google classroom App. Finally, click on your grade level's LAUNCHPAD Google Classroom to see your weekly e-learning lessons and activities for LAUNCH.

If for some reason you do NOT have a LAUNCHPAD Google Classroom (perhaps you were absent when your class signed in during a LAUNCH  period), the codes to join are as follows:

Grade 2 dbk2er2
Grade 3 xkhi74d
Grade 4 5qzzk4d

(Remember you must be logged into your Google account, then click on the waffle for the Classroom App, then click on the plus sign at the top, right-hand side of the page to join a class. Enter the code where indicated.)

For Kindergarten and Grade 1, please click on your
specific grade level's e-Learning subpages found on the sidebar menu  (upper left side of this page).

THANK YOU, and I hope these lessons fill you with
"Ah-Ha" moments and wonder!

Keep smiling!
Science and S.T.E.A.M. ROCK!!!

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