Social Skills October 12-16
Play a Game of Sit or Stand with friends or family members! This is an exciting way of getting to know someone :) 

Stand if the statement is TRUE. Sit if the statement is NOT TRUE. Share details about yourself along with your action. Take turns. HAVE FUN!!

Have a brother
Have a sister
Have a pet
Like carrots
Play a sport
Play an instrument
Been on an airplane
Like to read
Have lost a tooth
Are 5 years old
Like to sing
Drink white milk 
Love summer 
Eat chocolate candy
Would love to go to space
Rather have a pet spider than a pet caterpillar 
Sleep late 
Prefer dogs to cats
No brother
No sister
No pet
Don’t like carrots
Don’t play a sport
Don’t play an instrument
Have not been on an airplane
Don’t like to read
Haven’t lost a tooth
Older than 6 year old
Don’t like to sing
Prefer chocolate milk to white
Prefer winter to fall
Enjoy eating fruity candy 
Swim in the ocean
Would like a pet snake
Wake up early
Prefer cats to dogs