Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020 Happy last week of school!

Join me for a Google Meet today! This is optional.
Pick a time slot of your choice:

*please bring a piece of paper, pencil, and crayons to our meet*
Morning News: June 15, 2020

SPOTLIGHT STUDENT OF THE DAY: Every day for the next few weeks we will spotlight one student on Padlet! Starting today, when you click the Padlet link, you will see which classmate is our “spotlight student” of the day! We will celebrate each student by posting something we love about them, our favorite thing about them, a favorite memory with them, etc. You may record a video on Padlet or you may post a picture of something you draw or write to this classmate. Let’s make all of our friends feel special during the last few weeks of school! We miss each other very much! Have fun with it! Spotlight Student Padlet

Don't forget to pick up your child's belongings on your designated day.

Morning Routine: (oral)

Today is June 15. Let's count to 15.

Repeat after me: Today is Monday June 15, 2020. 

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

What month is it? What was last month? What month comes next?

What kind of weather is it outside today?

Today is the 176th day of school! Count by 10's to 100 and count by 10's to 70! Add 6 more. 176! *If we were using our straws to count, we would have 100 straws in the hundreds column, 7 groups of 10 (70 straws) in the tens column, and 6 straws in the ones column.
Guess what? There are only 4 days of school until summer break. Let's count down from 4! Count Down Song

MONDAY SPECIALS: GYM- please visit Ms. J's page for today's gym activities!
ART- please visit Mrs. Clark's page for your last art class of the school year!
SPANISH- please visit Ms. Henry's page for your last Spanish class of the school year!


Giggle, Giggle, Quack Read Aloud

OPTIONAL PROJECT: If you have construction paper, scissors, and glue at home, try to make a flower out of flat 2d shapes. Be creative! See the samples below for some ideas. Send me a picture!


June Morning Work Literacy page 13 and page 14
June Morning Work Math page 13 and page 14

Math Addition and Subtraction Facts Practice Pages

ADVENTURES WITH MS. CORBETT: Take a peak at all of the adventures your classmates and I have been on! Click the present button in the top right corner to view as a slideshow. Adventures with Ms. Corbett Pictures


Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium has awesome creatures you can watch any time of day. With their webcams you can tune in to watch them play, eat, sleep, or whatever else these awesome creatures do. Webcams include piranha, jellyfish, beluga whale, puffin, sea lion, ocean voyager, and sea otter cams.

READING WORKSHOP: Please read for at least 10 minutes today on Epic or Raz Kids.
Class code: evt2037

MOVE IT- select one activity from the grid to try today! Get moving!
GO NOODLE- dance around with MAXIMO or calm down with FLOW!