Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday, April 1, 2020- TBD Spirit Shirt!

TBD Spirit Week: e-Learning Style!

Morning News: click the link April 1, 2020

*We read the morning news together every morning. One student points to the words and reads the news while the rest of the class follows. Please have your child read the news and find sight words in the news. If you have a printer, you can print the news and have them highlight sight words on paper. If you don't have a printer, your child can just point to the sight words that they find in the news!

Morning Routine: (oral)

What day is today? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

It is a new month. What month is it?

What kind of weather is it outside today?  HAPPY APRIL!!!

Sing the Wednesday song and the APRIL SONG to your families!

April showers,
April showers.
Pussy willows too,
Pussy willows too.
Lots of rain and sunshine,
Lots of rain and sunshine.
It’s springtime for you,
It’s springtime for you.

(each line is echoed and to the same tune as the March song)

*Each time we reach a new month we draw ourselves. Today is the first day of April. Draw yourself today, April 1st! Do you look different than you did in October and December? What are you wearing in your picture? Long sleeves, short sleeves? Is your hair longer or shorter? What does your shirt look like? Draw a detailed picture of yourself in April! Write your name somewhere on the paper as neatly as you can- first letter uppercase and the rest lower.

*We also each get a copy of the new month song! Attached is the google doc of every month song. In school, each child gets a copy of this paper for that month and they create a border around the song (if the kids see this, they will know what I mean). We draw pictures around the border to match the month. For April, you may draw flowers for spring, bunnies or chicks, maybe Easter eggs, or maybe birthday balloons if you celebrate your birthday in April!

HERE are the month songs where you fill find April. If you can print, please do so. If not, you may re-write this song on paper and have your child decorate the border around it.


Today is the 129th day of school!

- Pick someone to count to 129 with. You do not need to start with 1. Start with a bigger number like 50 so that it doesn't take so long. Count!  - What is the next group of 10? Can you count by 10's to 130?



GYM- please click HERE to find Ms. Janowski’s webpage for gym activities!


Phonics/ Phonemic Awareness- Red Word Practice: - Today I want you to practice your new red word: by - Add this red word to your red word chart that is hanging in your house. - On a blank piece of paper, take a red crayon and write the word by 3x. - Say each letter as you write: b-y by  b-y by  b-y by. - Now, see you if can write the word "by" in a sentence. (Parents please read this sentence to your child orally). - Students will tap out the sentence and try their BEST to write it. Sentence: He is by the car. - Please do not help your child with the sentence. Tell him/her to try his/her best and to pound out each word. 
- Ask: *Did you start your sentence with an uppercase letter? *Did you put a period at the end? - After your child has written the sentence, you may write the sentence on another piece of paper and show your child. Compare the two and explain any differences. It is OK if there are mistakes!

- This week we learned a new sound /sh/.

- This sound is a digraph! Remember a digraph is two letters representing one sound

- We now have learned 2 digraphs /ch/ and /sh/

- What sound does the digraph -sh make? - When you make the /sh/ sound - pretend you are a shark and use your arms to make a shark mouth (like you would to the song “baby shark”). - Click to listen to the -ch song

- Click to listen to the -sh song - Please join Ms. Corbett again today to make words using the -sh digraph. Repetition! Tomorrow we will compare words that have -ch digraphs and -sh digraphs. Get ready!
- We will make words together on our blend board- LINK BELOW. - I saw some really AWESOME -sh circle charts today! You are all so smart and creative! - Here is a list of words that begin or end with the -sh digraph: shark shine shrimp fish ship sheep shout dish shin shop sharp cash shoe shower short mash shell shirt shield rush - Click HERE to go over Ms. Corbett's -sh circle chart.


- Below is our letter/sound video. In school we review our sounds EVERY DAY. - Please review every day if you can. Letter/Sound Video

 Visit Padlet: Hit the + sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and post

Today, post yourself wearing your TBD spirit shirt! I miss TBD and all of you!
TBD Spirit Day Shirt

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Reading Workshop:

- Go on RAZ Kids and read for at least 10-15 minutes. Try to record a story for me so I can hear you read! Take the quiz after each story!

 - Do you see the messages I send you on Raz Kids after I listen to you read?

- Take the APRIL READING CHALLENGE! Share pictures of each challenge you complete.
April Reading Challenge

- Click to Read with Mrs. Boyce today!

Writing Workshop:

- Today you get to choose. Do you want to write a story or a letter? Can you write 3 sentences? I see some fantastic writing skills at home! You are getting ready for first grade. - Good writers: *start their sentences with an upper case *use lower case letters in words and middle of sentences *use spaces between their words (spaceman- use your fingers) *use punctuation at the end of their sentence- asking sentence or telling sentence - Personal narratives: *use words like I, me, my, or we *include WHO, WHAT, and WHERE in your story *use detail! *draw a nice picture to match words


Math: - Today, please choose and complete ONE activity from the Math Choice Board below: Math Choice Board Link

- Log into Happy Numbers for 15-20 minutes.

go to

• click "I'm a Student"

• enter your class number: 709 017

Student Passwords: please save your personal password. I emailed this as a PDF as well.  


 -Practice counting to 100 by 1s 

-Practice counting count to 100 by 10s




Science, Social Studies, Health:

- Please visit the Scholastic website below and complete “Week 1 Day 4: Earth and Space - The Moon. Scroll down the page to see day 4. There is a read aloud and a few activities to go along with it. Feel free to explore all of day 4.

Week 1 | Remote Learning Resources and Strategies | Grades PreK-K

Handwriting: (Handwriting Without Tears Orange Workbook)

- Please complete the next two pages in your handwriting workbook. I do not assign certain page #s because each child may be on a different page. 

- Handwriting Without Tears is offering free use for 90 days of their HIIT tools that we use in our classrooms. Simply click “create an account” for a free 90 day access! Link below: 

*Please keep track of any completed/written work and place in folder that was sent home- date work.

*During this social distancing and school closure period, I encourage you and your child(ren) to continue to find ways of connecting with friends and family. Make a phone call, enjoy a video chat, write an e-mail, or send a handwritten note!