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A major goal in reading instruction is to have children become lifelong readers by enjoying independent reading. Children have been learning to choose books that match their independent reading level so that they can build reading stamina and fluency. These books, “Just Right Books”, may appear too easy to parents, but the children are practicing more difficult reading skills on slightly easier texts. A “Just Right Book” for a student is one in which he/she attains 96% proficiency in reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension. Therefore, as with any skill, a person needs to practice, practice, practice! 

Research has shown that to maintain and strengthen reading skills and not regress during the vacation, a child should read throughout the entire summer and not just prior to the beginning of school. Students in kindergarten and grade one have built their reading stamina to read independently for 15-25 minutes, and students in grades 2-4 have stamina to read independently for 30-45 minutes. If your child is reading an on-level chapter book, they should complete a chapter book every one to two weeks. 

I suggest that your son/daughter: 

makes a summer reading plan with you (see an example of some possible discussion points on my
- read every day
- read as many books as possible this summer 
- talk to you about the characters, plot, sequence of events, etc. in the book he/she is reading
- be encouraged to reread books that he/she truly enjoys
- read a variety of books (fiction, non-fiction, poetry)
- enjoy books you read aloud to him or her (A great list of suggested read alouds can be found on TBD’s website!)
- continue to access their RAZ Kids accounts (for rising first and second graders)
- keep a log of the books he/she has read and note if he/she has reread any. Some logs are available on my webpage if your child prefers to use a structured log.  Keep in mind a log can be visual- a photo of the stack of books read or maybe the books’ covers!
- Participates in the TBD Summer Reading Challenge

Book lists are included on my school website for your convenience. These are meant to be a starting place for you and your child, or a librarian to assist your reader with making selections. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your summer, and keep reading!

Ms. Amy E. Brown

Literacy Specialist & Resource Person

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